Released 2010-02-19
0000441: [Web General] Identifier besides "Disconnect" link should be the user name (wsourdeau)
0000346: [Web Mail] Sogo + Courier Imap (wsourdeau)
0000359: [Backend General] restore data user with sogo-tool (wsourdeau)
0000390: [Web Mail] When using IMAP subscriptions, an IMAP folder will disappear when it is renamed (ludovic)
       0000223: [Web Mail] Deleting a mail folder when showing only subscribed mailboxes will not show the deleted folder under "Trash" (ludovic)
0000403: [Backend Mail] SOGo causes the load to spike consuming the cpu fully (wsourdeau)
0000391: [Web Calendar] Misalignment of rows in invitation window under Firefox (wsourdeau)
0000406: [Web General] Debian package does not include SOGo-debian.conf (wsourdeau)
0000305: [Web Calendar] Private events viewable by other people (ludovic)
0000423: [Web Calendar] attendee window: cursor stays as text cursor although field cannot be edited (wsourdeau)
0000428: [Web Calendar] response window: "Keep sending me updates" is useless (wsourdeau)
0000426: [Web Calendar] event description hides contextual menu (wsourdeau)
0000422: [Web Calendar] color window: should close after choice (wsourdeau)
0000421: [Web General] translations/other text improvements (wsourdeau)
0000417: [Web Calendar] invitations can be dragged (wsourdeau)
0000380: [Web Calendar] month view: event cells too small (wsourdeau)
0000147: [Web Calendar] drag and drop in web calender (ludovic)
0000412: [Web Calendar] IE7: exception occuring when the event view popup should appear (wsourdeau)
0000028: [Web Calendar] several bugs in appointment display (wsourdeau)
0000409: [Web Address Book] Drag handles in Contacts module are not restored (francis)
0000410: [Web Address Book] Personal addressbook is selected even when canceling the deletion of another addressbook (francis)
0000396: [Backend Mail] failed IMAP login blocks SOGo during 30 seconds (wsourdeau)
0000370: [Web Calendar] property window too small
0000415: [Web Mail] S/MIME Signature shown as invalid, even when TB tells OK (ludovic)
0000341: [Web Calendar] problem with event deleting
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