Released 2015-07-23
0003276: [Web Mail] Webmail shows empty mails when they are encoded in GB2312 (ludovic)
0003228: [Backend Calendar] Printing of Event Description does not respect Line Feed (ludovic)
0003231: [Backend General] 2.3.0 cannot connect to MySQL in most recent CentOS (ludovic)
0003253: [ActiveSync] SOGo segfaults on 2.3.0 nightly 20150607 after not managing to connect to LDAP (server1) or MySQL (server2) (ludovic)
0003288: [ActiveSync] Unable to access to ActiveSync if usersource is SQL (ludovic)
0003235: [ActiveSync] a programming error in SOGoMailObject+ActiveSync.m (ludovic)
0003140: [ActiveSync] When marking emails with flags after sync some flags missing (ludovic)
0003269: [ActiveSync] Android Lollipop doesn't like non-root Trash, Draft and Sent folders on Email (ludovic)
0003268: [ActiveSync] Folder duplication when IMAP namespaces are in use (ludovic)
0003267: [Web Calendar] task : due date are no longer displayed (francis)
0003261: [Web Calendar] Event start and description misplaced (francis)
0003257: [OpenChange backend] openchange_ocsmanager 2.2 (ludovic)
0003080: [ActiveSync] Meeting invitations not handled properly when EAS is used (ludovic)
0003243: [ActiveSync] iPhone 4/HTC One, cannot send mail to all if multiple recipients are same domain (ludovic)
0003254: [ActiveSync] Outlook merges adresses. (ludovic)
0003237: [ActiveSync] Creating Tasks on BlackBerry 10 device will display duplicate task folder and tasks. (ludovic)
0002600: [sogo-tool] Sogo tool backup imcomplete (ludovic)
0003245: [Backend Address Book] Unable to remove contacts in Address book (francis)
0003082: [ActiveSync] Meetings organised from Outlook 2013 do not get invitees RVSP updates (ludovic)
0003131: [ActiveSync] Meeting invitee is able to hijack meeting ownership from the organiser (ludovic)
0003200: [Web Calendar] Category color default should be configurable per category (ludovic)
0002893: [Backend Mail] When your password contains a '\' character, you can not login to IMAP server (ludovic)
0003224: [Packaging (RedHat)] Cannot start SOGo service on CentOS 7 (ludovic)
0003289: [ActiveSync] Sending email to multiple recipient fails when using EAS (ludovic)
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