Released 2017-05-09
0004145: [Backend Mail] Mistakes in emails for all-day-events (francis)
0004137: [Backend General] Lockout after password change using sha256-crypt/sha512-crypt (at least with OpenLDAP backend) (ludovic)
0003707: [Backend Calendar] Email reminders have little information and cause misunderstandings (ludovic)
0004002: [Backend Calendar] Alarm event notify (ludovic)
0004115: [Web Calendar] Email reminders checkboxes not available (francis)
0003935: [ActiveSync] Not show picture in the LDAP entry on mobile device (ludovic)
0004078: [Backend Address Book] AddresBook: LDAP mapping attribute ou (Department) proxy error (francis)
0004149: [Web Calendar] Updated events accept fails (ludovic)
0004129: [Web Address Book] Duplicate mail addresses in ldap addresbook (francis)
0004138: [Web Preferences] Changing password asks user to "Save Preferences" (francis)
0004086: [Backend Address Book] Cannot sync global address book (ludovic)
0004124: [GUI] Web interface showing windows-1255 as gibberish (ludovic)
0004022: [ActiveSync] Double calender notifications (ActiveSync clients) (ludovic)
0000805: [Backend Calendar] email alarms: provide template messages for sent emails (ludovic)
0004059: [ActiveSync] Reminders from subscribed calendars always show up regardless of how you set the "show alarms" for the caledar (ludovic)
0004133: [Backend Mail] Forward/Reply status icons not syncing (ludovic)
0004048: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool restore core dumps (ludovic)
0003296: [Backend Calendar] problems with escaping of comma for attendee (too many backslashes) (ludovic)
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