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0002982SOGoActiveSyncpublic2014-12-05 18:53
Reportermartinsimovic Assigned Toludovic  
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04 LTS
Product Versionnightly v2 
Target Version2.2.11Fixed in Version2.2.11 
Summary0002982: Outlook 2013 with ActiveSync fails to move email between folders

Outlook 2013 running on Windows7 is configured as ActiveSync client.
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64 with Dovecot and SOGo is configured as ActiveSync server

When emails are moved between folders via Outlook (e.g. from Inbox to Archive folder) the changes are often not reflected server-side. This can be easily determined via webmail view, IMAP client or via shell looking into Maildir directories.

Emails are moved only locally, within Outlook and on the server they stay in original place. This leads to inconsistencies and duplications, when moving emails a lot, Outlook completely looses sense of where emails actually are.

Problem can be observed the other way around too - e.g. moving email to different IMAP folder via IMAP enabled client will not result in Outlook folder update.

Steps To Reproduce

Create a test user and make sure it has a few emails in Inbox.
Configure new Outlook profile for test user and wait until it is in sync with server. Compare Outlook Inbox view with webmail client, the should be the same - showing same number of emails.

Create an additional email folder - e.g. Archive via Outlook. Make sure this folder is also visible from webmail.

Move 1 email from Inbox to Archive folder via Outlook.
Move a couple of emails from Inbox to Archive folder via Outlook

Compare the Inbox view via Outlook and Webmail client.

Additional Information

To trigger the problem ALLWAYS more emails then just 1 need to be moved between folders.

Whilst the error can be observed when moving single email too, moving a couple (10) will always cause the move to fail.

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2014-11-17 09:10

developer   ~0007681

Does this also happen, when you create this folder in the webinterface first?



2014-11-17 09:45

reporter   ~0007683

Yes, it happens regardless of where the folder creation happens.



2014-11-17 13:53

reporter   ~0007684

Attaching Outlook.log which contains

  1. initial account syntonisation
  2. Single message move from Inbox to folder "TEST1" at line 470
  3. Multiple messages move from Inbox to folder "TEST1" at line 795

While single message move is error-free, consequent multiple messages move fails



2014-11-17 13:53


OutlookLog.log (44,778 bytes)


2014-11-19 08:29

reporter   ~0007702

The problem is caused by some kind of end-less-loop during a sync with the result that all local changes in OL are ignored (not forwarded to the server).

-> In your case the above described behavior is caused by this folder entry in OL: *folder: mail%2F%28null%29.
-> If you created a fresh profile with the latest AS-code it is unclear were it comes from and should be clarified separately.

A fix (ignore non-existing folders while syncing) has been sent to Ludovic for review.



2014-11-25 14:21

reporter   ~0007739

Last edited: 2014-11-25 15:12

Situation has much improved with 2.2.10 stable.

However I still managed to fool Outlook completely:

  1. Begin move many emails from Inbox to Archive
  2. While operation still on-going server-side, shut down Outlook
  3. Reopen Outlook which now is completely lost, does not even receive new emails

This simulation is something that can very easily happen in real life - user closes outlook since he thinks operation has finished (client-side it seems so) or Outlook looses connectivity suddenly before move operation completes. As a result Outlook is unable to sync with server anymore, only fix is to set up new profile.



2014-12-05 16:35

administrator   ~0007783

I can't reproduce this.

If I move mails in Outlook from folder A to folder B and prior Outlook is able to send its MoveItems command I quit it, the mails are alright on the server.

Once I restart Outlook, it resends its MoveItems command and all is fine.

I'll try to remove a moved mail on the server BEFORE relaunching Outlook, maybe we have better error-handling to add on our end regarding this.



2014-12-05 18:53

administrator   ~0007784


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