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0000028SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2010-02-12 17:28
Reporterstepmuel Assigned Towsourdeau 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformAppleOSMac OS X 
Product Version1.0.1 
Fixed in Version1.2.1 
Summary0000028: several bugs in appointment display

There are some bugs in displaying the boxes representing the appointments:

  • In Safari 4.0.1 (Mac), the vertical alignment to the numbers representing the time is somehow shifted
  • In Safari and Firefox 3.0.6 (Mac), an appointment of 10 minutes duration gets a border of 3 pixels on top, but none at the bottom (instead of 1px all around)

Furthermore, I dont get how the height of 167 pixels inside an hour box is ment to get divided into the 4 typical time slices with 1px spacing below. I would prefere 175 pixels, match the hour to the center of a pixel and begin/end drawing the box the pixel before the match (so it leaves one empty line between). or 177 pixels with simply one pixel below and above empty (with would look good too; even if the hour-lines dont summ up to the duration.)

Additional Information

Screenshots in the attachement. If someone doesn't get my 175px idea let me know; I can draw a picture too.

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2009-06-18 15:02


sogo_calendarbug.png (21,255 bytes)   
sogo_calendarbug.png (21,255 bytes)   


2009-08-10 20:23

administrator   ~0000072

The glitch with short events (less than 15 minutes) is fixed.



2010-02-12 17:26

viewer   ~0000544

Everything else fixed in 30fcffc74da94912adcc8d3ae28ec9ccea63d320. Please retry with nightlies.

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