Released 2011-01-26
0001032: [Web General] (LDAP) Passwords containing '}' and ']' do not work (ludovic)
0001095: [Web Calendar] With, Internet Explorer unable to remove event (contextual menu doesn't show "delete event") (francis)
0000938: [Web Calendar] thunderbird changes to recurrent events don't show in web view (francis)
0001028: [Web Mail] make LDAP requests more configurable (francis)
0001089: [Web Calendar] Display of all-day events (francis)
0001068: [Web Mail] When printing some mail, characters are very small (francis)
0001020: [Backend Calendar] Email Alarms not working (ludovic)
0001038: [Web Calendar] Certain repeating events can't be edited from Web (francis)
0001049: [Web Mail] Compose email: address list not working correctly (francis)
0001009: [Web Mail] Long lines with non-ASCII characters split illegally (and then not displayed correctly) (ludovic)
0000556: [Backend General] Use the SQL field "mail" instead of "uid + MailDomain" (ludovic)
0001066: [Backend Mail] Mail aliases do not work with SQL-based authentication (ludovic)
0000997: [Web Address Book] i can't delete address book (francis)
0000967: [Backend General] SOGo not installable on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick (ludovic)
0000698: [Web General] Security bug: Usernames and passwords appearing in the http cookie (ludovic)
0000765: [Web Mail] Sent mails always include Reply-To: header (ludovic)
0000953: [Web General] Logout button available when using CAS (ludovic)
0001014: [Backend General] Feature request: MySQL SHA1 password hashing for user auth source (ludovic)
0001013: [Backend Mail] message content is logged (ludovic)
0000073: [Web Calendar] Show the current time as a line in the calendar view (francis)
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