Released 2016-01-28
0001444: [Web Mail] Clipboard Context menu item missing when reading mail (francis)
0002947: [Web Mail] Slower scrolling in Firefox/Iceweasel (francis)
0003418: [Web Mail] Web Mail view gets blank when "Return Receipt" is checked (francis)
0003416: [Web Calendar] Task modification error (francis)
0002460: [Web Mail] Share popup window minimizes (francis)
0002671: [Web Address Book] Can't sort address book by last name (francis)
0000379: [Web Calendar] Radio group or combobox instead of "privacy"-button (francis)
0002063: [Web Calendar] context popup menu for changing existing calendars seams to be broken in Firefox 16.0.1 Mac OS X (francis)
0000440: [Web General] Intelligent close of windows (francis)
0001647: [Web General] The SOGo web interface should adapt more smoothly to various environments (francis)
0000777: [Web Calendar] browsing SOGo web interface from an IPad (francis)
0000206: [Web Address Book] No progress indicator when sorting the contacts list (francis)
0000580: [Web General] tab scrolling: shifting the tabs should step by tab rather than X pixels (francis)
0000784: [Web Preferences] improvement: UI reorganization (francis)
0000064: [Web General] Web contextual menus (francis)
0000939: [Web General] refactoring: change menu code to use controllers (francis)
0002844: [Web Mail] Three Pane View in three Columns (francis)
0000054: [Web Calendar] Multiple ATTACH elements (francis)
0003194: [Web Calendar] Custom recurrence rules should be visible in edit window (francis)
0001505: [Web Mail] image attachment not scaled down to sensible sizes on windows (ludovic)
0000950: [Web Calendar] mini-month: should be drawn with DOM methods (ludovic)
0002112: [Web General] Popup does not Save/Close/Send when main window in not focussed on same function (ludovic)
0001521: [Web Mail] Webbrowser freeze with large mail folders (ludovic)
0002660: [Web Calendar] Simplify deleting of attendees in invitations (ludovic)
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