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0003298SOGoWeb Mailpublic2015-09-16 12:17
ReporterHeiko Assigned Toludovic  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.3.1 
Fixed in Version2.3.2 
Summary0003298: Using comma in display name of contact results in multiple (incomplete) recipient addresses when sending mail

If the display name of a contact includes a comma "," the "To:" field of the mail sent to this contact contains two addresses. the correct mail address + something like this "john.doe@unspecified-domain"

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Click "Address Book"
  2. Click "New Card"
  3. Fill in "First:", "Last:" and then change "Display:" to something like "Doe, John"
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Mark the new contact and click "Write"
  6. Send a mail to the new contact and check your "Sent" folder
Additional Information

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2015-09-09 14:26

administrator   ~0008899

Can you reproduce the problem with the latest nightly build?



2015-09-09 15:14

reporter   ~0008900

Sorry, i dont have a test system to try this out yet. i might setup one but this will probably take some time as i'm very busy atm....



2015-09-16 11:59

reporter   ~0008920

Had the same problem with Version 2.3.1 from 20150723.
Tried nightly (20150916) in VM which fixed the problem.


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