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0001702SOGoWeb Mailpublic2012-04-30 20:44
ReporterAltibox Assigned Toludovic  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.12 
Target Version1.3.15Fixed in Version1.3.15 
Summary0001702: selecting same folder for Sent and Drafts causes webui to fail

The webui allows one to right-click on the "Drafts" folder, and select "Use this folder for Sent messages". After this is done, the webui won't let one create any new messages. Clicking "Write" give the error:

An error occurred during object publishing

the requested object could not be found!

Steps To Reproduce

Right-click on the localized "Drafts" folder.
Select "Use this folder for sent messages".
Click "Write" icon.

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2012-03-16 14:00

developer   ~0003584

You can't write a message, because you don't have any "Drafts" folder defined for SOGo.

Choose another folder, select it and right click on it.
Then choose "Use this folder for" --> "Drafts".

Now you can again write emails.



2012-03-22 13:53

reporter   ~0003618

Sure, I understand what's happening, but I think it's a bug that you allow this to happen. This is causing problems for our users, so we'd like you to acknowledge this as a bug, and hopefully fix it at some point.



2012-04-24 13:17

reporter   ~0003809


Do you agree that this is a bug? And is there a plan to fix this in a upcoming release?



2012-04-24 13:19

administrator   ~0003810

We'll have a look at the issue. It should definitively not "crash" for the user, no matter what the user selects - so indeed it is a bug.



2012-04-30 20:44

administrator   ~0003838

Fixed - see:

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