Released 2020-05-01
0004989: [Web Mail] folders with % character unusable (francis)
0004623: [Web Mail] Iphone/Ipad with horizontal display: action icons aren't displayed for selected messages (francis)
0005006: [sogo-tool] faulty sogo-tool restore results in white screen error 501 on login (francis)
0005005: [Web Preferences] Wrong duplication of calendar category after first login (francis)
0004992: [Documentation] Default behaviour, wrong description (francis)
0004999: [Documentation] Columns in Documentation are shifted (ludovic)
0004995: [ActiveSync] Parsing of XML Document Failed (ludovic)
0004975: [Web Mail] Download area for new mails in popup window does not adjust in height (francis)
0004988: [ActiveSync] DisplayTo field contains wrong value (ludovic)
0004979: [Web Mail] Stored XSS in Web Mail (francis)
0004963: [sogo-tool] Example in sogo-tool usage is wrong (francis)
0004954: [Web Calendar] user's calendar selection grows with the number of calendar entries in subscribed calendars (francis)
0004962: [Web Mail] Mail text is hidden when replying to an Email when Mail Composing as Popup and Plain Text is enabled (francis)
0004943: [ActiveSync] Event delayed by one hour after EAS sync done (ludovic)
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