Released 2010-01-25
0000382: [Web Address Book] IE7: "Other" tab is offset into the top (wsourdeau)
0000361: [Web Calendar] the "reload" button does not refresh the "unifinder" list (francis)
0000351: [Web Address Book] list viewer: empty emails are still "displayed" (francis)
0000377: [Backend Calendar] sogo-tool: restoring recurrent events make sogo-tool crash (wsourdeau)
0000320: [Web Calendar] Can't choose calendar for events via Web (francis)
0000164: [Web Calendar] deleting an invitation (when organizer) does not remove the boxes in the attendee calendars (francis)
0000213: [Web Calendar] Creating a new event while a web calendar is selected displays a read-only window (wsourdeau)
0000340: [Web Calendar] incorrect display of minutes of events start time (wsourdeau)
0000233: [Backend Calendar] iCal 4 won't sync with SOGo with multiple calendars (ludovic)
0000316: [Backend Address Book] Non-ASCII characters incorrectly represented for the shared address book (wsourdeau)
0000277: [Backend Calendar] iPhone/iCal synchronisation problem (wsourdeau)
0000313: [Web Calendar] resizing between read-only and read-write event editors is wrong (wsourdeau)
0000078: [Web Calendar] Read-only event invitation still have input fields and buttons (francis)
0000314: [Backend General] ldap: bindFields should be an array (ludovic)
0000312: [Web Calendar] the "Calendar:" attribute is displayed wrong in the event balloons (wsourdeau)
0000263: [Backend General] JSON converter converts \ to \n (wsourdeau)
0000237: [Web Calendar] All-day events passed DST spawns on two days in the Month View (wsourdeau)
0000300: [SOPE] SOPE/sogo-debian.diff includes outdated version of SOPE/sope-patchset-r1660.diff (wsourdeau)
0000280: [Web Mail] Forwarded mail (using HTML format) > Malformatted headers (ludovic)
0000201: [Backend Mail] How to set SMTP port (other than 25)? (ludovic)
0000302: [Backend General] SOPE (or SOGo) might leak LDAP fds (ludovic)
0000250: [Web Calendar] Clicking 'refresh' in web interface's calendar view does not refresh tasks (ludovic)
0000221: [Backend General] sogo-tool Ecxeption GSCachedInt(instance) does not recognize _isLDIFSafe (ludovic)
0000208: [Web General] "session creation requested" messages (ludovic)
0000286: [Web Address Book] WEStringTableManager missing translations directory ... (ludovic)
0000260: [Web Mail] Can't delete messages from the trash folder (ludovic)
0000298: [Backend General] Remove all references to Anais (ludovic)
0000184: [Web Calendar] "Delete appointment" in context menu (ludovic)
0000197: [Backend Calendar] Kolab stuff (ludovic)
0000234: [Web Calendar] Calendar name should appear in the dialog popup of each event (francis)
0000227: [Web Calendar] Transparency over the accept/decline icons (francis)
0000253: [Web Preferences] Specify default categories for preferences and calendar module (ludovic)
0000292: [Backend General] Bind to localhost (wsourdeau)
0000289: [Backend Calendar] error with CalDAV POSTS (url handling) (ludovic)
0000074: [Backend Calendar] CalDAV URL issues with scheduling (ludovic)
0000080: [Backend General] Associate a mail domain by LDAP Source (ludovic)
0000143: [Backend General] Debian package issues (ludovic)
0000220: [Backend General] Provide nightly builds for Debian (ludovic)
0000020: [Backend Calendar] Sogo Calendar chrashes with NSInvalidArgumentException (ludovic)
0000182: [Web General] Username and Refresh (ludovic)
0000273: [Backend General] Apache configuration depends on root directory permissions (francis)
0000258: [Web Calendar] changing color of calendar (ludovic)
0000261: [Web Preferences] SOGo crashes when switching from html to text mail format, and vice-versa (ludovic)
0000224: [Backend General] Drop SOGoAuthentificationMethod (ludovic)
0000238: [Backend General] Notification templates don't encode MIME headers in QP (ludovic)
0000236: [Backend General] deserialization from memcached sometimes fail (ludovic)
0000215: [Web Calendar] Can't delegate an occurrence of a recurring event (francis)
0000212: [Web Calendar] Closing an event editor window doesn't close the associated definition windows (francis)
0000284: [Web Mail] Broken Baltic charsets (ludovic)
0000239: [Web Address Book] missing bundle for framework: 'scriptaculous' (wsourdeau)
0000222: [Backend General] Ubuntu Packages?
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