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0003588SOGoWeb Mailpublic2016-05-11 01:30
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Fixed in Version3.1.0 
Summary0003588: Klick on rfc2368 mailto hyperlinks not working correctly...

When klicking on a mail-address in a HTML formated email, in Sogo ver 2.x.x a email compose window opens with correctly filled recipient address. This behaviour is also seen in all actual mail clients i'm aware about. In Sogo v3 webgui, klicking such a "link", the system wide configured default mail client starts for composing. This is not useful, because the "fat" mailclient is mostly not correctly configured.(internet-cafe, classroom PC's or borrowed machine from a friend - for example)

Steps To Reproduce

Compose a HTML formatted email with an e-mail address hyperlink in body. In Thunderbird mail, it can be done with ctrl+l and filling into link-address field:
...or for the advanced People:
" there im subject&body=Well im a body"

The first version of the examples are working well in Sogo 2.x.x, indeed the second, "extended", variant was also not correctly decoded by Sogo 2.x.x, but is working also in all usual mail clients.
So this is defined in rfc2368, it would be great to (re-)implement this in v3.

Also see Bug 0002247, it has a close relation to this one.

Additional Information

So we, and probably many others, have applications wich relies on correct behavior, (i.e. Invitation mails with registration-response mail addresses) fixing this has a urgent priority.

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child of 0002247 resolvedfrancis Support for mailto links with subject and body included in URL 


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(js) Create new message when opening a mailto link

Fixes 0003588
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