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0005223SOGoWeb Mailpublic2021-03-02 22:47
Reporteradi Assigned Tofrancis  
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Product Version5.0.1 
Fixed in Version5.1.0 
Summary0005223: reply and quotations are broken

When replying to a plain text mail from the sogo web mail with html compositing enabled, quotation in plain text is broken, whereas the html looks fine:
| this is a test mail
answering to this plain text mail with html compositing leads to:
| > this is a test mail
| answer
in the html part and:
| this is a testmailanswer
in the plain text part.

Answering this mail again with web mail, leads to wrong quotation in the html part too:
| >this is a test mail
| answer
| again answering
when this should actually be:
| >> this is a test mail
| > answer
| again answering

In case you need more information, I could provide either screenshots or mails, but the issue should easily be reproducible with the sogo demo.

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2021-02-18 11:16

reporter   ~0015088

For me it seems the whole answer quotation thing is broken, which IMHO is not a small problem but a real show stopper!

Please see attached screenshots of SOGo, OpenXchange and Exchange online:

  • SOGo quotation is just broken...
  • Exchange Online does it's usual Outlook style quotation, separated by a horizontal line (which sucks, but probably easy to implement and still much better than the broken situation in SOGo)
  • OpenXchange does it fine. A quotation as expected. The quotation also can be interrupted with answers.

In SOGo I can manually format the quotation, but hen still it is impossible to interrupt it and add answers.

ox-quote-with-answer.png (152,241 bytes)   
ox-quote-with-answer.png (152,241 bytes)   
exchange-online-quote.png (171,240 bytes)   
exchange-online-quote.png (171,240 bytes)   
ox-quote.png (215,834 bytes)   
ox-quote.png (215,834 bytes)   
sogo-html-quote.png (184,010 bytes)   
sogo-html-quote.png (184,010 bytes)   

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sogo: master fa3e5e0b

2021-03-02 17:16


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fix(mail(js)): improve quoted message when replying

Fixes 0005223
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