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0001443SOGoWeb Mailpublic2011-10-07 20:35
Reportercholl Assigned Tofrancis  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.8a 
Fixed in Version1.3.9 
Summary0001443: Signature link is not there (fresh users)

I noticed that some users had no signature link. After comparing the c_defaults table with users that had one I found out that those users without the link only have SOGoLanguage set. The other users had a complete settings set. It is sufficient to alter just on setting to get a complete set created and after that the signature link is displayed.
Bug 0001196 helped me to look at the right places and even if there is a workaround it would be less confusing if there would be a link displayed right from the start.

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2011-09-16 12:10

developer   ~0002849

As far as I know this only happens, when the corresponding account was created with an older version of SOGo and the user never saved his preferences before.

Open "Prefernces", then press "Save and Close".
Open "Prefernces" --> "IMAP Accounts" again, now the link after "Signature:" is there.



2011-10-07 20:35

administrator   ~0002878

Fixed in revision c4988e0379d3f99f40a98620c2c808a000bc5c58.

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