Released 2019-12-17
0004845: [Web Calendar] "Request failed" when trying to view/edit an event (francis)
0004875: [Web Calendar] No Umlaut in Recurrence dropdown with DE language (francis)
0004899: [Web Calendar] Freebusy preview pane does not refresh (francis)
0004907: [i18n] Names of the days of the week are sometimes not translated (francis)
0004877: [Backend Calendar] Event created with the most recent thunderbird are shifted one hour earlier in the web access and on Smartphone Client (ASync) (francis)
0004894: [Web Calendar] Sogo shows event created in external app moved by one hour (francis)
0004901: [GUI] Text in email search input is white on white background (francis)
0004871: [Web Calendar] Not showing the correct UTF-8 chars. (francis)
0004879: [Web Mail] Cannot "Save as" message in a separate window (francis)
0004878: [i18n] Catalan language: still missing translations (francis)
0004882: [Web Preferences] Sieve script are not deleted when disabled in Web UI (francis)
0003210: [Web Preferences] Implement Sieve "include" extension (RFC 6609) (ludovic)
0001967: [Backend Mail] Vacation Sieve needs to be customizable (ludovic)
0003636: [Backend Mail] SOGo Sieve architecture weird (ludovic)
0001392: [Backend Mail] Patch: Inclusion/Embedding of server-side sieve scripts into standard sogo-script (ludovic)
0004387: [Backend Mail] SOGo ignores active sieve filter and creates its own (ludovic)
0003871: [Web Preferences] Sogo overwrites sieve configuration (ludovic)
0004874: [GUI] Unable to deactivate vacation (francis)
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