Released 2023-03-28
0005739: [Backend Mail] Problems when moving email into Drafts folder (sebastien)
0005753: [Web Calendar] Web Calendar (ics) subscription with authentication between SOGo instances not possible after upgrading from 5.7.0 to 5.8.2 (sebastien)
0004457: [Web Calendar] Show week number also on the monthly view (sebastien)
0005664: [ActiveSync] Wrong decoding emails in Outlook via EAS (sebastien)
0005750: [Web Address Book] JavaScript error when send mail from Addressbook (sebastien)
0005734: [SOPE] Buffer Overflow in WOHttpTransaction (sebastien)
0005732: [Web General] Unable to add new appointment via web-calendar (sebastien)
0005731: [Web Mail] WebMail inserts attachments from the source message when replying (sebastien)
0005720: [Web Calendar] Confirmation dialog is shown for unmodified calendar events (sebastien)
0005728: [Web Mail] HTML body content isn't displayed (sebastien)
0005721: [Web Mail] WebMail doesn't show body of the message when it doesn't contain "To:" header (sebastien)
0005726: [Web Mail] Invalid template when replying (sebastien)
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