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0004954SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2020-02-25 16:11
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Fixed in Version4.3.1 
Summary0004954: user's calendar selection grows with the number of calendar entries in subscribed calendars

We have a user who shares many calendars for other users. If another user wants to subscribe to one of these calendars, each calendar uses a lot of space (see screenshot). we have solved the problem with a slightly changed CSS, but other users surely have this problem too. The occupied space also increases with each shared calendar. The problem also occurs with address books, but is also solved by the same CSS.

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Here the CSS:
md-card-content[ng-show="user == subscribe.selectedUser"] div.layout-fill {
min-height: unset;
height: unset;

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2020-02-12 14:16


subscribeCalendar.png (4,647 bytes)   
subscribeCalendar.png (4,647 bytes)   


2020-02-12 17:02

administrator   ~0014157

is this reproducible with different browsers? Does the problem persist in normal animation mode (see your preferences)?



2020-02-13 08:48

reporter   ~0014159

I've test it in chromium: there is no problem without the fix! But the animation mode in firefox has no effect - it still takes the same space. The CSS fix has also no negative effect in chromium.

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sogo: master 860d635c

2020-02-13 09:15


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fix(web(css)): space issue with folders subscription dialog on Firefox

Fixes 0004954
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mod - UI/Templates/ContactsUI/UIxContactsUserFolders.wox Diff File

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