Released 2023-03-28
0003981: [Web Mail] images are not handled properly in forwarded or replied to messages (sebastien)
0005715: [Web Mail] Cannot forward/reply to email with image attachments (sebastien)
0005708: [Web Preferences] Two factor authentication disappeared on Sogo web interface (sebastien)
0005585: [Web Calendar] Event creation window closes by accident without saving changes (sebastien)
0005542: [Web Mail] duplicate messages when moving to another IMAP account (sebastien)
0005709: [GUI] Broken inline image if reply mail (sebastien)
0004786: [Web Mail] Web mail not forwarding multiple inline attachment with same name (sebastien)
0005666: [Packaging (Debian)] Installation on Ubuntu focal/20.04 fails (sebastien)
0005698: [Packaging (Debian)] Installation failed on a clean Ubuntu 22.04 server (sebastien)
0005700: [Packaging (Debian)] Missing Debian packages in 5.8.0 (sebastien)
0005511: [Packaging (Debian)] Build packages for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (sebastien)
0005593: [Web Mail] Segfault in Mailer on mail with TNEF attachnemt (sebastien)
0005565: [Backend Calendar] Sending event invitations (iMIP) with mailAlarms.creds auth instead of user creds auth (sebastien)
0004190: [Backend General] entry '{DAV:}XXX' already exists in DAV permissions table (sebastien)
0005683: [GUI] Large quotas incorrectly displayed (sebastien)
0005654: [Backend Mail] SOGo uses invalid EHLO with IPv6 address (sebastien)
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