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0000755SOGoSOPEpublic2012-01-26 16:32
ReporterJason Oster Assigned Toludovic  
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Target Version1.3.12Fixed in Version1.3.12 
Summary0000755: Support for configuring LDAP password storage scheme

When changing LDAP passwords, (with SOGoPasswordChangeEnabled enabled; I have not tried with LDAP Password Policies enabled) SOGo stores the passwords in plain text. I would like the option to hash password, for example using the Salted-SHA1 (SSHA) scheme:

The option could be integrated with the userPasswordAlgorithm preference, which is currently only used for SQL authentication sources, and only supports MD5.

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Jason Oster

Jason Oster

2010-08-18 20:53

reporter   ~0001311

Looks like userPasswordAlgorithm now supports the CRYPT scheme (again, only for SQL) since Bug 0000703.



2011-09-01 12:24

reporter   ~0002839

Don't like to have clear text passwords stored...
As we use LDAP for CAS/SSO and wish to use SOGo as the frontend (pwd update...) it is a must have !



2012-01-26 16:32

administrator   ~0003323

Fixed - see:

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