Released 2017-07-05
0004100: [Backend Calendar] Email reminders sent 6 times (ludovic)
0004201: [Web Mail] Mail with Content-Type multipart/signed (RFC 1847) is not displayed (ludovic)
0003658: [Web Calendar] Web interface should support URL detection in task description (francis)
0004170: [sogo-tool] Don't print debug info while running sogo-tool without '--verbose' option (ludovic)
0004177: [Web Mail] error accessing junk folder (francis)
0004209: [Web Mail] Missing file: /SOGo.woa/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ (francis)
0003988: [Backend Calendar] Subscription to calendars deleted when database is unreachable (francis)
0000799: [Web Address Book] List, preview pane, and edit window can disagree on primary/alternate Email address (swapped) (francis)
0003793: [Web Preferences] Unable to save a vacation auto reply when the "Auto Reply Subject" option is used (francis)
0004200: [Web Preferences] Can't create a specific filter in Webinterface (francis)
0004169: [Web Mail] Default language set but not accepted and webpage doesn't pre-select default language (francis)
0002281: [Backend Address Book] "\r" in Vcard after import from LDIF (ludovic)
0002511: [Apple iPhone OS] r letter appended to every item: names, numbers, etc (ludovic)
0004019: [Web Mail] image attachment preview (francis)
0003929: [Backend General] SOGoLanguage parameter ignored (francis)
0004175: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool manage-eas description misspelling (ludovic)
0004179: [sogo-tool] "sogo-tool dump-defaults" crashes (ludovic)
0004172: [Backend General] CardDAV contacts mangled (ludovic)
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