Released 2020-10-07
0005131: [Backend General] [5.0.0 Regression] LDAP auth breaks after some time (francis)
0005179: [Web Mail] Mail answer is written as quoted original text (francis)
0005173: [Web Mail] After updating to 5.0.0, emails are missing (francis)
0005141: [Web Calendar] Request failed: Instance of recurring events not deletable (francis)
0005129: [Backend Mail] Split smtp debug from parameter ImapDebugEnabled and add parameter SMTPDebugEnabled for that (francis)
0005142: [Web Mail] Cannot reply or transfert some emails (francis)
0005155: [Web Mail] Request Failed when replying to Bcc message (francis)
0005082: [Web Calendar] Creation of All day Event in Calendar WebGUI (francis)
0005119: [Web Mail] display errors in To/From/CC fields when display name contains umlaut + comma (MISSING_DOMAIN / unspecified domain,...) (francis)
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