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0001082SOGoBackend Address Bookpublic2011-02-24 00:01
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Summary0001082: SQL Addressbooks needs useless fields when not authenticating

I setup an SQL public address book by adding a section to SOGoUserSources. Even though I set:

canAuthenticate = NO;

I found that I need to include the line:

userPasswordAlgorithm = "None";

Additionally, the sql table needed some fields that seem unnecessary given that I'm don't using the SQL table for authentication. Fields are:


it would be nice in the documentation to say what fields are required when not authentication and what is required when authenticating. Also, the mail field is required, which I understand but would be nice if that weren't the case when not doing authentication.

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2011-01-14 21:54

reporter   ~0002023

Also, the c_uid field seems unnecessary as well. Maybe more -- I didn't explore everything with cn, c_cn, etc once I got it working.



2011-02-18 02:09

administrator   ~0002129

Improve the doc:

The view MUST contain the following columns:

  • c_uid - will be used for authentication - it's a username or username@domain.tld)
  • c_name - which can be identical to c_uid - will be used to uniquely identify entries)
  • c_password - password of the user, plain-text, md5 or sha encoded for now
  • c_cn - the user's common name
  • mail - the user's mail address


2011-02-18 03:32

reporter   ~0002130

It's pretty minor, but it would be nice if c_password and c_uid, which are used for authentication weren't required when canAuthenticate=NO;



2011-02-24 00:01

administrator   ~0002164

The documentation has been improved.

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