Released 2019-10-24
0004799: [Web Mail] Sorting of Global addressbook doesn't work with listRequiresDot = NO (francis)
0004486: [Web Preferences] Can't save preferences if vacation enable/disable date in the past (francis)
0004672: [ActiveSync] Sogo Shared Calendar & Active Sync Android (ludovic)
0004858: [Web Calendar] Not possible to select days when repeating events (francis)
0002506: [Web Calendar] Expand group for free/busy check (francis)
0004844: [GUI] Problem with webui inside preference for vacation (francis)
0004497: [Web Calendar] A repetitive event cannot be displayed or modified in some cases (francis)
0004512: [Web Calendar] Calendar daily view doesn't show one day from a repetitive event (francis)
0004842: [Web Calendar] Freebusy information does not show up when Date is greater than 14 days ahead (francis)
0004838: [Web Mail] Mail sending from separate windows does not work if switched to calendar view one time (francis)
0004791: [Web Calendar] Improve auto reply labels (francis)
0004698: [Web Preferences] Not able to set a single-day vacation message (francis)
0004833: [Backend General] The mysql-utf8mb4.sql script does not contain all the changes from script (francis)
0004830: [Web Mail] use of SOGoMailKeepDraftsAfterSend (francis)
0004826: [Documentation] Sieve IANA-allocated port 4190, not 2000 (francis)
0004787: [Web Mail] Webmail view doesn't refresh when creating/deleting folders (francis)
0004755: [ActiveSync] Character ???? (Unicode U+1F3FF) in mail subject brake synchronisation with ActiveSync (francis)
0004817: [Documentation] Invalid link to Comodo in chapter 9. S/MIME Support in SOGo (francis)
0004815: [Documentation] Online documentation for SOGo 4 is referring to wrong repository (francis)
0004806: [ActiveSync] Reciveving mails on IPhoneX results in error (ludovic)
0001490: [Web Mail] Automatically retrieve hierarchy separator from the IMAP server (drop NGImap4ConnectionStringSeparator) (ludovic)
0003099: [Web Mail] Can't delete IMAP acl for groups (Dovecot) (ludovic)
0004745: [Web Mail] Segfaults in S/MIME code (ludovic)
0004582: [Web Mail] Signed and encrypted messages sent from Outlook can't be opened (ludovic)
0004781: [Web Mail] Bug with Solution of Encoding of Arabic (Windows-1256) Not Work (ludovic)
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