Released 2016-08-10
0003731: [Web Mail] printing long mail firefox (francis)
0003750: [Backend General] LDAP addressbook: Proxy Error when user has more than one descritpion field (francis)
0003759: [Backend Calendar] Participants can modify appointments. The organizer isn't notified. (ludovic)
0003332: [Backend Calendar] MultipleBookings not respected for weekly events (ludovic)
0003367: [Backend Calendar] Multiplebookings not work with repeating events (ludovic)
0002899: [Backend Calendar] ressource overbooking via caldav (ludovic)
0003734: [Web Mail] Drag & Drop Emails to Folders (francis)
0003788: [Web Mail] Drag & Drop Mails (francis)
0003586: [Web Mail] Moving messages is not intuitive at all (francis)
0003777: [ActiveSync] Cannot fetch email with iPhone + ActiveSync (ludovic)
0003775: [ActiveSync] Latest trunk exception — no mail via ActiveSync (ludovic)
0003765: [Web Mail] SOGo webmail when sending email and send button cliked twice or more, the email is sent as much as the button clicked (francis)
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