Released 2010-05-04
0000594: [Web Address Book] "New Card" in shared LDAP address book -> Proxy Error (francis)
0000047: [Web General] Subscription/unsubscription links sent by email don't work (ludovic)
0000023: [Web Calendar] It should be possible to have a local name for subscribed calendars (ludovic)
0000601: [Web Mail] Delete denied in INBOX is not shown to user (francis)
0000210: [Backend General] request of new "sogo-tool" command 'remove' option (wsourdeau)
0000401: [Web Calendar] Custom repeating event shows incorrectly on the web version (francis)
0000087: [Backend Calendar] Add support to recurrent events of type "First Monday of month" (francis)
       0000577: [Web Calendar] Cannot edit this event in Month View (francis)
0000156: [Web Address Book] Export of complete addressbook (wsourdeau)
0000434: [Backend Calendar] sogo refuses imip invitations for recurrence exceptions (wsourdeau)
0000524: [Backend Calendar] Receipt time off when selecting :15 :30 :45 minute past the hour (francis)
0000570: [Web Mail] generic.js syntax error (francis)
0000559: [Backend Mail] Can't send mail via SMTP due to bad address syntax (wsourdeau)
0000551: [Web General] Multiple selections with CTRL not working on Linux. (wsourdeau)
0000433: [Web Mail] Obtain imap password from authorization header in proxy auth mode (wsourdeau)
0000565: [Backend Calendar] a crash occurs when appointment receipts are sent (wsourdeau)
0000530: [Web Preferences] Too many modules activated > window not correctly resized (wsourdeau)
0000534: [Web Calendar] Events importation dialog box doesn't follow scrollbar (wsourdeau)
0000389: [Web Mail] Sogo courier-imap shared folders (wsourdeau)
0000344: [Web Mail] Sogo + Courier-Imap #shared namespace (wsourdeau)
0000427: [Backend Calendar] notification emails: consistency (ludovic)
       0000418: [Web Calendar] wrong message when modifying a meeting location (wsourdeau)
       0000419: [Web Calendar] wrong message when an invitation is delegated (wsourdeau)
       0000216: [Backend Calendar] Complete conversion of .wo to .wox (ludovic)
0000471: [Web Mail] Double FROM address when sending mail (ludovic)
0000345: [Backend Mail] SOGo can't go directly to a particular directory (wsourdeau)
0000393: [Backend Calendar] Invitation problems between sogo-systems (wsourdeau)
0000493: [Web Preferences] Sieve filtering (wsourdeau)
0000544: [Web Mail] HTML paste from word does not work (francis)
0000542: [Web Calendar] "Drag_and_drop" by new Event (francis)
0000432: [Web Preferences] Sieve delete and upload script error (wsourdeau)
0000532: [Web Calendar] No cancellation email when an attendee is removed from an event (francis)
0000538: [Web Calendar] finding free slots sometimes make SOGo crash (wsourdeau)
0000539: [Web Calendar] Break Dbl click on calendar in firefox (francis)
0000535: [Web General] [patch] Popup menus opening partially off-screen (francis)
0000536: [Web General] [patch] Drag events firing with right mouse button (francis)
0000490: [Web Mail] Header "User-Agent" in messages sent from SOGo (francis)
0000469: [Web Calendar] In month view, dragging the bar to view next events open the create event window (francis)
0000508: [Web Calendar] Wrong label "Delete Calendar" in contextual menu for subscribed calendars (francis)
0000499: [Web Administration] Adminitration doesn't work (francis)
0000526: [Backend Address Book] when composing a message, the search of contacts via CardDAV is inefficient (wsourdeau)
0000497: [Web Calendar] SOGo doesn't update webcalendars (ludovic)
0000496: [Backend General] Translate the ppolicy information/error messages (ludovic)
0000480: [Backend General] Example config for SQL Authentification is incorrect (ludovic)
0000507: [Backend General] Repcached support for SOGo (ludovic)
0000470: [Web Calendar] Umlauts in title will not be saved with IE8 (wsourdeau)
0000503: [Web Calendar] doubles entries WebUI for all-day events (ludovic)
0000506: [Web Calendar] ugly problem with time zone (wsourdeau)
0000235: [Web Calendar] Inconsistency between SyncML clients and web interface (ludovic)
0000495: [Backend General] Cleanup the ppolicy prefs confusion (ludovic)
0000219: [Web Calendar] Color picker does not close when color is choosen (ludovic)
0000485: [Backend General] problems with webdav-sync and CalDAVStartTimeLimit (wsourdeau)
0000431: [Web Calendar] wrong day and doubles entries WebUI (wsourdeau)
0000462: [Web Calendar] drag and drop events in a subscribed calendar not possible (wsourdeau)
0000450: [Web Preferences] Sieve script not activated (wsourdeau)
0000444: [Web Calendar] DnD - Occurrence of recurrent event is shifted once edited after DST change (wsourdeau)
0000398: [Web Preferences] defaultbc link not created in sieve directory when activating Vacation or Forward scripts (ludovic)
0000454: [Web Calendar] Events added in web client calendar appear one hour earlier in Lightning for timezone Australia/Melbourne (wsourdeau)
0000477: [Web Calendar] Sharing - useless search ops (ludovic)
0000458: [Web Mail] Use sieve to move incomming messages to subfolders (ludovic)
0000461: [Backend General] Debian package version still shows 1.2.0 (ludovic)
0000449: [SOPE] Patch for SOGoMemcachedPort configuration parameter (ludovic)
0000447: [Backend General] Fixes for openSUSE build (ludovic)
0000492: [Web Calendar] All day events span across two days
0000484: [Backend Mail] No way to specify IMAP port
0000445: [Web Preferences] Non ASCII characters in vacation message on SOGo -> Preferences -> Vacation
0000453: [Web Calendar] wrong Week number
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