Released 2016-05-12
0003665: [GUI] sensitive range of checkboxes too big (francis)
0003664: [Backend Mail] BCC adresses shown in the mailheader (ludovic)
0002471: [Backend General] SOGoRootPage and changePassword, LDAP auth with passwordPolicy, and pwdReset = TRUE (ludovic)
0003614: [Backend General] Multi-domain setup using email in UIDFieldName causes crash when user session is loaded (ludovic)
0001059: [Backend General] Can't use certain non alphanumeric characters in PostgreSQL password (ludovic)
0003626: [ActiveSync] Display of HTML Messages (ludovic)
0003629: [Web Calendar] search list events of 'view only time' calendars when search match (ludovic)
0003628: [Backend Calendar] unsigned int for storing offset that can be negative (ludovic)
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