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0005594SOGoWeb Mailpublic2022-09-21 09:17
ReporterHartmut Truee Assigned Tosmizrahi  
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Product Version5.7.1 
Summary0005594: Cut&Paste of email addresses not possible

I want to send an email to a list of email addresses. But if I paste the list into the To: field, the addresses get not validated and the email cannot be sent.

Steps To Reproduce

Write a list of email addresses in a text file (separeted by comma, colon, tab, line break ... whatever), select and cut it and paste it into the To: field.

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2022-09-05 09:34

developer   ~0016200

Works for me.
You do know, that you need to leave the To field after copying?

If that is not your problem, which browser are you using?

Hartmut Truee

Hartmut Truee

2022-09-05 09:52

reporter   ~0016201

Yes, I know.

If I cut&paste a single address it is working as expected. I can leave the field with tab and the send arrow ist white.

If I cut&paste more than one address, I can't leave the field with tab, only by mouseclick and the send arrow remains greyed out (screenshot attached).

It is the same in current version of Firefox (104.0.1), Chrome (104.0.5112.102), Edge (105.0.1343.27), OS is Windows 10.



2022-09-05 09:53

administrator   ~0016202

It would be helpfull if you can do a video screen of your issue and as Christian says, give more details on your browser and OS

Hartmut Truee

Hartmut Truee

2022-09-05 13:58

reporter   ~0016205

After pasting multiple addresses in th TO: field there is a javascript error in the JS console:

Uncaught ReferenceError: emailRE is not defined
isValidEmail utils.js:140
addRecipient MessageEditorController.js:323
Angular 7



2022-09-08 09:16

reporter   ~0016212

I have the same problem in Firefox 104.0.2 on my laptop running Windows 10 Home, 21H2, build 19044.1889



2022-09-12 08:26

reporter   ~0016217

Same here. We had to go back to version 5.7.0 to avoid this problem. Maybe this issue is related to, since it is not possible to create an event in an addtional calendar in version 5.7.1 anymore.

Hartmut Truee

Hartmut Truee

2022-09-14 05:48

reporter   ~0016221

Lööks like that broke it:



2022-09-15 15:36

reporter   ~0016226

We had the same issue under a host running on Debian 11 under Firefox as under Chromium. A downgrade to 5.7.0 did 'fix' this issue.



2022-09-21 07:55

reporter   ~0016234

When testing any solutions to this issue please check the removal of duplicate email addresses in a copy / paste action.
For example in v5.7.0 a paste of the following string:

results in an incorrect email address for

See the attached screenshot.

I can't test this in v5.7.1

afbeelding.png (41,095 bytes)   
afbeelding.png (41,095 bytes)   

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