Released 2023-09-27
0005870: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Incompatibility with Mac OS X Sonoma (sebastien)
0005701: [Web Mail] Download email option adds zip extension to the name (sebastien)
0005696: [Web Mail] Links not clickable (sebastien)
0005844: [Web General] /Calendar/null url after session-timeout problem (sebastien)
0005639: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] CalDAV: Mac OS Calendar unable to find existing SOGo calendars and creates a new one. (sebastien)
0005845: [with SOGo] tried to upgrade from 5.8.0 -> 5.8.4 buiding SOGo fails with error in SOGoGCSFolder.m (sebastien)
0005632: [Web Mail] no signature on replies (sebastien)
0003937: [Web Preferences] [Feature] Option to omit signature on reply/forward (sebastien)
0005825: [GUI] Bug when sending emails to webui (sebastien)
0005783: [Web Calendar] Weekly view jumps always back to the current week if adding or removing an entry in another week (sebastien)
0005781: [Backend Calendar] Increase curl timeout to be able to subscribe to large ics calendars (sebastien)
0005685: [Backend Calendar] Calendar entry from Outlook via CalDav Synchronizer leads to SQL error "integer out of range" (sebastien)
0005768: [Web Mail] Signature images are not handled properly in forwarded or replied to messages (follows 0003981) (sebastien)
0005743: [Web Mail] Web Mail will not send without a Subject - counter to RFC 2822 (sebastien)
0005788: [ActiveSync] Bug in libytnef0 causes ActiveSync to fail sync when files in winmail.dat file have long filename (qhivert)
0005848: [GUI] The Settings page does not open. (qhivert)
0005875: [with SOGo] Contact group synchronization problems with Caldav synchronizer client (qhivert)
0005729: [ActiveSync] sogod always crashes due to bug in libytnef0 parsing library (qhivert)
0005838: [Packaging (Debian)] Cannot install SOGo on fresh Debian 12 (bookworm) (qhivert)
0005777: [Web Calendar] Events in new SOGo 5.8.3 (sebastien)
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