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0003793SOGoWeb Preferencespublic2017-06-20 19:26
ReporterDana Assigned Tofrancis  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platform[Client] MicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version3.1.4 
Fixed in Version3.2.10 
Summary0003793: Unable to save a vacation auto reply when the "Auto Reply Subject" option is used

Sogo upgraded from v2 to v3.1.4

When trying to save vacation auto replies, "connection error" is notified.

sogo.log :

Aug 16 16:06:03 sogod [11213]: |SOGo| request took 0.436218 seconds to execute
Aug 16 16:06:03 sogod [11213]: "POST /SOGo/so/USER/Preferences/save HTTP/1.1" 502 31/4613 0.438 - - 0
Aug 16 16:06:04 sogod [2679]: <0x0x7f7ecae72e70[SOGoActiveSyncDispatcher]> Sleeping 5 seconds while detecting changes in Ping...
Aug 16 16:06:04 sogod [11213]: |SOGo| starting method 'POST' on uri '/SOGo/so/USER/Preferences/save'
Aug 16 16:06:04 sogod [11213]: <0x0x7f7ecad4c6a0[SOGoSieveManager]> WARNING: Could not delete Sieve script - continuing...: {RawResponse = "{ok = 0; }"; result = 0; }
Aug 16 16:06:05 sogod [11213]: <0x0x7f7ecad4c6a0[SOGoSieveManager]> Could not upload Sieve script: {RawResponse = "{ok = 0; reason = \"sogo: line 5: error: expected end of command ';' or the beginning of a compound block '{', but found tag.
sogo: error: parse failed.
\"; }"; result = 0; }

When the customized subject option is disabled, nothing goes wrong, and the sieve file is properly created.

Steps To Reproduce

Can always reproduce by enabling the customized subject option and trying to save.
(tested with different users)

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2016-08-16 14:41


sogo_error.jpg (83,830 bytes)   
sogo_error.jpg (83,830 bytes)   
Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2016-08-24 13:54

developer   ~0010616

What sieve server are you using?



2016-08-25 07:29

reporter   ~0010620

As I'm running Dovecot as MDA, Sieve is integrated as dovecot-managesieved ( v2.2.13)

Is this the information you needed ?

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2016-08-25 07:51

developer   ~0010621

Yes, thanks.



2016-08-29 13:26

administrator   ~0010625

Does it work when you actually specify a subject?



2016-09-10 12:34

reporter   ~0010639

No, still not working.



2016-10-18 14:32

administrator   ~0010752

I would need you to gather one of those two informations:

  1. Ether the JSON payload when submitting /SOGo/so/USER/Preferences/save (you can get it from the developer tools of your browser);
  2. Or the Sieve traffic that you could sniff with tcpflow.


2016-12-19 10:53

reporter   ~0011012

I've got the exact same error on 3.2.4 freshly upgraded.

In fact seing what the user does helped a lot, they think the "Custom subject" checkbox is self-sufficient and they don't naturally enter the real subject content in it. They think maybe the "auto reply message" box contains the subject and message.

We are using the French translation which doesn't even mention the "${subject}" variable and is really misleading.

Maybe you could just check that the subject is not empty when checking the checkbox ? (I've tried putting a subject and this makes the error disappear)



2016-12-19 15:35

administrator   ~0011019

Your Sieve server probably doesn't support variables.

Open your JavaScript console from the Preferences page and type:


Show me the result.

3.2.4 does validate the subject (see



2017-02-08 13:42

reporter   ~0011282

I tested it with 3.2.6a: I always have to save the settings twice: The first time I get the described http 502 error (and the sieve filter will not work although it is created correctly on the dovecote server). The second time the settings will be saved successfully and the filer works as expected. It does not matter, if a subject is set or not.

Which information/files do you need?



2017-03-03 21:03

administrator   ~0011427

Please capture the Sieve traffic to see the full conversation with the server.

<pre>tcpflow -i lo -c tcp port sieve</pre>



2017-05-23 01:59

administrator   ~0011821

It's probably because you enabled the "auto reply subject" checkbox but haven't specify an actual subject. This is no longer possible in the latest versions of SOGo.



2017-06-14 15:04

reporter   ~0011931

I just ran into this issue with a user who enabled "Auto Reply Subject" but didn't enter any text.

In this case the option to save the vacation message is grayed out (which is good) but if the user navigates away from the page they get the dialog "Unsaved Changes Do you want to save your changes made to the configuration?"

If the user selects "Save", a connection error dialog is displayed but the vacation message appears enabled in the web GUI even though the sogo.sieve file is not updated on the mail server.



2017-06-14 15:05

reporter   ~0011932

I'm running SOGo 3.2.9 201705100648

Thank you.

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