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0002101SOGoBackend Address Bookpublic2012-11-30 16:01
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Summary0002101: Integrator overwrites TB autocompletion directory server selection

The Integrator extension for Thunderbird will overwrite (to blank) the selection in: Options > Composition > Addressing > Directory Server

As soon as Integrator has connected (one can tell because the calendar and address book buttons are visible) the selection becomes blank.

After making a selection and closing Thunderbird, it becomes blank when Integrator connects to SOGo. Before it connects, the selection is still set.

If I disable Integrator, this never happens.

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It's very important for users to have auto-completion of their colleagues email addresses.

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2012-11-21 02:51

reporter   ~0004944

Not a bug - just lack of documentation. I suggest that in the installation documentation of the Thunderbird extensions that this preference gets mentioned for adjusting or removal:
pref("sogo-integrator.autocomplete.server.urlid", "public");

Removing this line, fixed the issue. I suppose setting it to something may be useful, but not until filters for the SOGoUserSources work. Then SOGo can have a useful address book (



2012-11-30 16:01

administrator   ~0005004

Fixed with:

Note that you should NOT delete sogo-integrator.autocomplete.server.urlid but rather adjust it to the value of the id in your SOGoUserSources. The documentation reflects that.

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