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0003195SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2016-03-22 17:09
ReporterJens Erat Assigned Toludovic  
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Fixed in Version3.1.0 
Summary0003195: "CC" office assistant for invitation replies on other calendars

An office assistant has write permissions to her head's calendar. If she enters an appointment through the web interface and a third person is invited, only her head receives acknowledgement mails, not the office assistant.

She should also receive those messages, so the office manager can respond if necessary.

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2015-05-21 18:02

administrator   ~0008511

How about adding in the head's calendar the assistant in the list of notified persons when the calendar is modified? That should do it.

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2016-01-19 14:22

developer   ~0009300

This would be a solution, if the secretary could see all events in that calendar.
But in our case this is not the case, as there are some private events in this calendar too, which the secretary shall not be able to see at all.
With the above solution the secretary would get an email for every change, even the "shall be invisible" private ones.

Therefore we need another solution.
In a private conversation Ludovic suggested:
"When generating a mail back to the organizer when the attendee
accepts/declines, we would also send a mail to the SENT-BY. I suggest it
being a purely "text" email - with no ics attachment to avoid confusion
of MUAs."

With this solution the secretary will only be informed on accept/decline of attendees, when he/she has created the event with invitation.
For us this is the desired solution.

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