Released 2017-01-10
0003368: [Backend Calendar] Adding event to shared calendar does not necessarily send invitations (ludovic)
0003973: [Web Calendar] Wrong Weeknumber (francis)
0003934: [Web Mail] Event reminders are not created while accepting appointment by web mail (ludovic)
0003290: [Web Mail] Add new feature wish permits to compress attachments (francis)
0003904: [Web Preferences] Sieve script: fileinto folder with umlauts uses IMAP folder name instead of umlaut (francis)
0003945: [Web General] Reminder-labels confuse (francis)
0003969: [ActiveSync] Active Sync HTTP 500 Error (ludovic)
0003943: [ActiveSync] Crash with active sync from version 3.2.2 to 3.2.4 and propably higher (ludovic)
0003956: [ActiveSync] DOS with huge E-Mails while synchronizing with ActiveSync (ludovic)
0003960: [ActiveSync] XML-Entities in Address (ludovic)
0003964: [ActiveSync] Reminders for tasks don't get synced to/from activesync devices.. (ludovic)
0003523: [Backend Address Book] Global AddressBooks not working with multi domains. (ludovic)
0003510: [Backend Mail] DOS through uploading large attachments (ludovic)
0002865: [Web Calendar] SOGo does not interpret date-time without timezone correctly (ludovic)
0002850: [Backend General] Regression: Blocking after too much failed login attempts does not work anymore (ludovic)
0002683: [Web Address Book] Contact photo is not displayed in Web Address Book if photo is containing referring URI (ludovic)
0002308: [Web Calendar] imported appointments (file.ics) do not show up on Kontact / Korganizer using caldav (ludovic)
0002253: [Backend General] SOGoGroup does not resolve LDAP Group users via the User Sources UIDField but via the Groups Source UIDField (ludovic)
0001760: [Backend Address Book] LDIF entries with ": " in an attribute value aren't imported into the address book (ludovic)
0001084: [Backend Address Book] Support photos import from LDIF file (ludovic)
0003983: [GUI] Using Backspace while writing email delete messages. (francis)
0003974: [Web Calendar] public calender access different ssl port not showing (francis)
0003862: [Web Calendar] "Show Only This Calendar" does not hide all other calendars (francis)
0003976: [Web Calendar] 4-day week not woking (francis)
0001047: [Backend Mail] lowercase-header-files triggers spam filters (ludovic)
0003949: [Backend Calendar] MySQL 5.7: Alarms are deleted right after insertion (ludovic)
0003941: [Web Address Book] Duplicated mail attribute in global addressbook (francis)
0003963: [Web Calendar] Attachments to Tasks are not Resolved correctly (francis)
0003940: [Web Preferences] Enabling vacation auto reply hides existing multiline message (francis)
0003948: [Web Calendar] Recurrent event not saved when repeating monthly the X monday/tuesday/wed... of the month (francis)
0002599: [with SOGo] Duplicate calendar notifications (ludovic)
0003942: [Web Address Book] Photo from LDAP backend should be visible without need to click on the contact (francis)
0003697: [Web Mail] Web mail filter with cyrillic folder name (francis)
0000502: [Backend General] SQL injection vulnerabilities (ludovic)
0001568: [Web Address Book] Retrieving data from addressbook with '%' (ludovic)
0003931: [Web Calendar] Imported calendary not sorting (francis)
0003832: [Web General] "SOGoSieveFolderEncoding = UTF-8" does not work (francis)
0003274: [Backend Calendar] Don't replace X-MOZ-SEND-INVITATIONS:FALSE in invitations (ludovic)
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