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0000680SOGoWeb Mailpublic2016-05-12 14:26
Reportergreenshift Assigned Toludovic  
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Fixed in Version2.3.7 
Summary0000680: Junk Mail Treatment

I think it would be great if a Junk mail button and or preferences could be added.
This could do one or all of the following:

  • Based on mail headers junk mail directly
  • When clicked move junk to the Junk folder
  • When clicked trigger a hook to update a Bayesian filter
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2010-07-08 10:01

reporter   ~0001165

  • When clicked trigger a hook to update a Bayesian filter
    This is a good idea, a button for ham too. We have an addon for thunderbird that make this, if you put it in SOGo it's a good thing!


2011-12-04 00:37

reporter   ~0003101

Very important for us.



2014-04-01 19:51

reporter   ~0006815

It would be nice to have a "Mark as Junk" toolbar button in addition to the main toolbar buttons when working with messages (reply, delete, etc.).
I don't believe it is up to webmail client to implement Bayesian filter, but at least this can perform checking existance of Spamassassin headers (X-Spam-Flag, X-Spam-Score & X-Spam-Status), moving marked message to (or moving out from) Junk folder (if enabled), as well as setting imap flag (for more details, see



2016-05-12 14:26

administrator   ~0010118

Available since SOGo v2.3.7 - the GUI part will be done shortly for SOGo v3.

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