Released 2009-07-14
0000048: [Backend General] Unsubscribing from a folder in DAV causes a crash in SOGoGCSFolder.m (user4)
0000018: [Backend Mail] Problem with folders with a trailing + character (wsourdeau)
0000056: [Web Mail] SOGo doesn't diplay tiff attachment (ludovic)
0000002: [Web Mail] Drag'n'drop doesn't exist (francis)
       0000034: [Web Mail] Drag'n'drop to a read-only IMAP folder silently fails (francis)
       0000044: [Web General] Drag'n'drop can be initiate from a table header (user4)
0000043: [Web General] Attached "links" aren't displayed (francis)
0000042: [Web Mail] Mailboxes scrollbar gets partly hidden (francis)
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