Released 2011-11-30
0001383: [Backend Calendar] Problem with special characters in event UID (ludovic)
0001412: [Web Address Book] no UTF8 support in ldap-adressbook (ludovic)
0000892: [Backend General] fix vcard parsing and output with unit tests (wsourdeau)
0001497: [Backend General] escaping of ; and , (wsourdeau)
0001492: [Backend Calendar] missing quote in postgresql while inserting an apointment / task (ludovic)
0001484: [Backend General] Can't update vComponents with MySQL (francis)
0001441: [Backend Address Book] wrong DAV headers on OPTIONS request on global address book (wsourdeau)
0001459: [SOPE] fix build with clang/llvm and libobjc2 (ludovic)
0001482: [Web General] German localzation for 1.3.9 is incomplete (ludovic)
0001033: [Backend General] fix owner of files when "make install" for NGCards (ludovic)
0000676: [Web Preferences] Vacation / autoresponder (ludovic)
0001448: [Web Preferences] sieve: auto-expiration of vacation message (ludovic)
0001424: [Backend Address Book] Address Book in OS X 10.7 does not show the personal address book, but the directory (ludovic)
0001501: [Backend General] timezones bundled with sogo 1.3.9 is outdated (ludovic)
0001483: [Apple iPhone OS] CalDAV requests for URL-encoded UIDs with @ signs fail with 404 Not found (ludovic)
0000278: [Web Preferences] daemon crash if imap is unavailable (ludovic)
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