Released 2015-03-24
0003142: [ActiveSync] SOGo activesync doesn't push attachment to BlackBerry smartphone (OS 10.3.1.x) (ludovic)
0001499: [Backend General] LDAP group classes list must be configurable like 'SearchFieldNames'. (ludovic)
0003103: [ActiveSync] Plain Text messages containing non-ASCII characters have blank body over ActiveSync (ludovic)
0003121: [Web Calendar] Not remove appointment (francis)
0003130: [Backend General] Configurable /tmp (ludovic)
0003138: [ActiveSync] Active sync dont send email when the adess is in bcc (ludovic)
0003116: [ActiveSync] Wrong charset in non UTF-8 email (ludovic)
0002601: [Web Preferences] Change password in Web Preferences (ludovic)
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