Released 2013-05-23
0002333: [Web Mail] CKEDITOR SCAYT no proposal spelling on right clic (francis)
0002290: [Packaging (Debian)] sogo_2.0.5-1_amd64.deb does not install on lenny (jraby)
0002285: [OpenChange backend] Problem on event/contact edit (ludovic)
0002119: [OpenChange backend] Message sent with blank "Your Name" do not show email address in Outlook (ludovic)
0002237: [Backend Calendar] Public Access while using SOGoTrustProxyAuthentication (ludovic)
0002294: [Backend Address Book] It is possible to import LDIF-files into a read-only set address book (ludovic)
0002313: [Backend Mail] ACLs are set wrong (ludovic)
0002340: [Backend Calendar] Timeout problem
0002209: [Web Mail] Impossible to read a mail. (ludovic)
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