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0002616SOGoWeb Generalpublic2014-04-07 19:44
Reporterxblax Assigned Toacloutier 
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OSDebian 7 (Wheezy) 
Product Version2.1.1b 
Target Version2.2.4Fixed in Version2.2.4 
Summary0002616: URLs contain double slashes

Some of the URLs that are used in the Webinterface contain double slashes. Examples that I have extracted from my log files:

POST /SOGo/so/
POST /SOGo/so/
POST /SOGo/so/ HTTP/1.1
POST /SOGo/so/
POST /SOGo/so/
GET /SOGo/so/ HTTP/1.1
GET /SOGo/so/

There seems to be no impact on functionality as the web server handles these requests.

GET /SOGo/so/ HTTP/1.1

This URL belongs to the calendar properties page. It breaks the relative links to Caldav/ICS/XML access. Due to the malformed base URL they point to /SOGO/so/dav instead of /SOGO/dav.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Use the web interface and check the logs.
  • Go to calendar tab, right click on any calendar, open properties window.
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2014-03-05 08:51

reporter   ~0006629

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We have the same problem since September. At that time there was a patch and since there is a problem with the Subscribe to a calendar.

An error occurred during object publishing

the requested object could not be found!



2014-04-07 19:44

administrator   ~0006845

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