Released 2016-10-24
0003837: [Web Calendar] Conflict error by adding two concurent entries in a shared calendar (francis)
0003868: [Web Mail] Multiple selections with keyboard in webmail module is still not working (francis)
0003854: [Web Mail] CKEDITOR additional skins/extensions gets reset on update (francis)
0003864: [Backend Calendar] Recurrent task not working properly, getting Proxy Error in the web interface. (francis)
0003863: [Web Calendar] "Show Only This Calendar" only available on personal calendars (francis)
0003796: [ActiveSync] Replied and Forwarded indicators not synced through EAS (ludovic)
0003850: [Web Address Book] link to shared address book (francis)
0003870: [GUI] uncomfortable creating a contact list (francis)
0003858: [i18n] Missing values in Localizable.strings files and a typo (francis)
0003859: [Web Preferences] Javascript error when adding new addressbook category (francis)
0003849: [GUI] Can't edit Note in address book (francis)
0003841: [Web Mail] Ability to select a date in the past as end date for automatic responder (francis)
0003826: [Web Address Book] vCard property format wrong when TYPE parameter is not defined in Web address book contact (francis)
0003839: [Web Mail] Compose box COPY / Paste from Excel Sheet Issue (francis)
0002307: [Backend Calendar] Email for Task Reminders does not work (ludovic)
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