Released 2012-12-06
0002103: [Web Calendar] Tasks should be searchable (francis)
0001736: [OpenChange backend] cal: Free/busy error when trying to create an event in a shared calendar (wsourdeau)
0001808: [OpenChange backend] cal: error when deleting an event from a shared calendar - event successfully deleted (wsourdeau)
0002098: [Web Calendar] All day event displayed incorrectly in Day View (francis)
0001466: [Web Mail] Reply Email formatting issue
0002130: [Backend General] Loss of the SOGOSPOOL directory (jraby)
0001866: [Backend Mail] Way to use imaps with mail routing in LDAP (ludovic)
0001129: [Backend Mail] Using filter with flagging breaks all sieve-scripts
0002101: [Backend Address Book] Integrator overwrites TB autocompletion directory server selection
0002082: [Web Preferences] SOGo uses imapflags instead of imap4flags
0001391: [SOPE] Patch for retrieving managesieve capabilities
0001640: [Web Preferences] "Place my Signature" Preference does not work
0000840: [Web Mail] wrong signature placement when forwading mails
       0000752: [Web Preferences] "Place my Signature" Preference does not work
0001061: [Backend Mail] Sieve Server from mailHost in LDAP
0002115: [Backend Calendar] Meeting Request sent to Outlook 2003 recipients doesn't work
0002024: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Certain mails don't have From: in Outlook
0002093: [Web Calendar] Add X-WR-CALNAME to VCALENDAR for subscribe / export
0001783: [Web Calendar] Drag and drop an event on the web calendar doesn't update the LAST-MODIFIED field in the caldav ics file (ludovic)
0002075: [SOPE] fix for bug reports 0001615 and 0001616 break building on OpenBSD (wsourdeau)
0002006: [Backend Mail] Contact Search (ludovic)
0002070: [Web Calendar] All day events not shown in holiday calendar (wsourdeau)
0002035: [Web Calendar] When importing calendars from another calendaring system all events with invitations don't work anymore
0002106: [Backend Address Book] LDIF export + import crashes importer
0002074: [Web Calendar] "show alarms" should be disabled when subcribing to a calendar
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