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0002417SOGoWeb Mailpublic2013-09-13 15:08
Reporterfourstone Assigned Tofrancis  
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Product Version2.0.7 
Target Version2.1.0Fixed in Version2.1.0 
Summary0002417: In Preview Pane external pictures are ALWAYS loaded, when opening by doubleclicking --> load pictures


I did not find any mention of this issue anywhere, so here goes:

If I click on any email in the inbox which loads external pictures, then these external pictures are always shown.
If I doubleclick on the very same message and is shown in a new window, I have to click on "load pictures" first.

I am fine with both behaviors, BUT:
I would have both methods behave the same way, i.e. NOT show the pictures in preview AND not show the pictures when doubleclicking.

The other is also fine: Always show all pictures.

Best would be a general switch to ask or not ask for picture load authorization.
Maybe there already is, however I and the hoster of the SOGO solution cannot find it.

To me this is an issue because spammers will gather information when their pictures get loaded.

kind regards, Martin

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2013-09-12 21:10

administrator   ~0005990





2013-09-12 21:17

reporter   ~0005991

Hello Francis,

as far as I understand your fix, it only cares about obeying the setting for the popupwindow.

What about the previewpane?

Or did I get something wrong?

Kind regards, Martin



2013-09-12 21:26

administrator   ~0005992

The preview pane was already correct.

The only remaining bug is that the main view should be reloaded when the preferences for the remote inline images is changed.



2013-09-13 13:38

administrator   ~0005996

Web interface will now be reloaded when changing the "load remote images" preference.


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