Released 2012-02-16
0001551: [SOPE] description filed truncated after new line in sogo 1.3.11 (wsourdeau)
0001120: [Web Preferences] Preferences window can be opened multiple times (francis)
0001667: [Backend Mail] Rename or delete a folder doesn't update subscription file (francis)
0001673: [Web Preferences] Cannot create Signature in IE (francis)
0001681: [Web Calendar] Time input at wrong position in event edit window (francis)
0001682: [Web General] Translation of warning in mail and address book sharing not possible (francis)
0001677: [Web Preferences] Sieve filter doesn't work if there is a filter with no rule (francis)
0001663: [Web Mail] Malformed html in the compose window when SpanishArgentina localization is choosen (francis)
0001653: [Web Address Book] Can't create a new list in a newly created addressbook (francis)
0001655: [Web Mail] Create Filter From Message... (francis)
0001641: [Web Mail] scrollbar of mail edit window is too low (francis)
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