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0003301SOGoWeb Mailpublic2015-09-03 18:16
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Summary0003301: If "displayname" in LDAP has a comma between firstname and lastname sender address in the webinterface is wrong

If "displayname" in LDAP has a comma between firstname and lastname (Firstname, lastname) sender address in the webinterface is wrong. The address is split in two like firstname@ and lastname <> . See Screeshots.
In the "Sent" Folder the mail appears as Fistname@unspecified-domain Lastname <>
The recipient gets Lastname <>. This is probably due to our postfix config.
But SOGo should not split the name up in the first place. Or is this correct behaviour?

Steps To Reproduce

Have a comma in displayname in LDAP write an email as that user.

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has duplicate 0003306 resolvedfrancis Comma in display name of meeting organiser not handled correctly. 




2015-08-05 11:24


Send_Folder.png (12,471 bytes)   
Send_Folder.png (12,471 bytes)   


2015-08-05 11:24


recieved_Email.png (12,149 bytes)   
recieved_Email.png (12,149 bytes)   


2015-08-26 15:09

reporter   ~0008859

We are also seeing similar behaviour:

When replying to an email like:
From: "external_user, Sharon" <>

the reply composition window looks like this:
To: external_user, Sharon <>

And this is incorrectly SPLIT into two addresses:
To: external_user@MISSING_DOMAIN, Sharon <>

Then, the missing domain is replaced with out default domain, and the final result is that the email is sent to TWO addresses: Sharon <> and

As you can image, this causes various problems. :-)



2015-09-03 18:16

administrator   ~0008887


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