Released 2011-02-26
0001036: [Backend Mail] Items moved to trash do not get really deleted (missing expunge) (francis)
0000283: [Web Mail] Add unread email count to window title (francis)
0000872: [Apple iPhone OS] Invitation support in iOS4 (ludovic)
0000736: [Web Mail] New mail displays only after second check (ludovic)
0001238: [Web Mail] Cannot work with folders containing some characters with diacritical marks in their names (ludovic)
0001216: [Web General] German localzation for 1.3.5a is incomplete (or incorrect) (ludovic)
0001224: [Web Calendar] Two errors in Dutch calendar text (ludovic)
0001190: [Web Calendar] Show completed tasks (francis)
0000842: [SOPE] prevent SOPE from linking against gnustep-gui when it is installed -- with patch (wsourdeau)
0000934: [Backend General] sogo-tool removedoubles: synchronizable deletes (wsourdeau)
0000945: [SOPE] Fix the build of NGStreams (wsourdeau)
0001030: [SOPE] fix configure to not create variables with spaces on OpenBSD (ludovic)
0001031: [SOPE] fix compilation warnings in SOPE due to missing header files (ludovic)
0001072: [SOPE] Fix compilation of SOPE on OpenBSD mips64 (ludovic)
0001005: [Web Calendar] task edition: automated input filling no longer works (wsourdeau)
0001045: [Web General] Custom page title (francis)
0001207: [Web General] Italian localization (francis)
0001180: [Backend Calendar] Events with repeating are not count to "busy" times (francis)
0001147: [Backend Calendar] Last occurrence of a recurring event not displayed - possible timezone problem ? (francis)
0001197: [Backend General] [1.3.6] Patch for feature "password change" with SQLSource (francis)
0001092: [Backend Calendar] Declining a single occurrence of a recurring event leads to declining of the master event in organizer's calendar. (ludovic)
0000310: [Web Calendar] all-day events are shifted when using timezones not available in the Olson database (francis)
0000311: [Web Calendar] all-day events with a specified timezone are shifted when appearing in another timezone (francis)
0000483: [Backend Calendar] timezone handling: SOGo does not handle the "default" timezone properly (francis)
0001181: [Web Mail] In mail source, User-Agent didn't show the good version (francis)
0001196: [Web Mail] Signature link disappeared (francis)
0001185: [Web Calendar] All day Event shown for two days - part2 (francis)
0000723: [Web Mail] Space character that follows Words containing accented characters are sometimes suppressed in subject (wsourdeau)
0001188: [Web Mail] Message appears empty in web mail (wsourdeau)
0000916: [Web Calendar] Timezone problem with Exchange 2007 (mismatch with FLE Standard Time?) (wsourdeau)
0001108: [Web Mail] [Webkit] Contextual menu for attachments not working (francis)
0001011: [Backend Address Book] categories with german Umlaute are trunkated in categories-preferences UI (wsourdeau)
0001144: [Web Calendar] All day Event shown for two days (francis)
0001163: [Web General] SOGo translated to Norwegian (ludovic)
0001143: [Backend Calendar] Can't edit/delete the occurrences of a recurring event (francis)
0001093: [Web Preferences] When no mail module, i can't admin categories (ludovic)
0001082: [Backend Address Book] SQL Addressbooks needs useless fields when not authenticating (ludovic)
0001145: [Web Mail] No BCC display when looking at sent mail. (ludovic)
0001135: [SOPE] Wrong service send by sogo with CAS auth_pam cas (ludovic)
0001117: [Backend General] relation "sogo_alarms_folder" not created when SOGoEnableEMailAlarms set to NO (ludovic)
0000416: [Backend General] sogo-tool backup does not work in multi domain environment (ludovic)
0001132: [Web Preferences] Filters are not active with IE 8 (francis)
0001079: [Backend General] Had to create sogo_alarms_folder manually despite of the presence of (ludovic)
0001076: [Web Calendar] Reoccuring event with EXDATE, timezone related bug (francis)
0001091: [Backend Address Book] Shared Contacts doesn't apperas in web interface when configured with multi-domain support. (ludovic)
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