Released 2014-04-01
0002697: [Web Address Book] Web address Book - multiple books and many contacts buugged view and filter (francis)
0002533: [Web Mail] comma in name results in splitting addres when is utf-8 encoded (acloutier)
0002120: [Web Mail] SOGo webmail puts utf-8 characters in from field when accent is present (acloutier)
0002267: [Backend Mail] Wrong UTF-8-coding of From in the header when comma is used (acloutier)
0002686: [ActiveSync] all day events are not handled correctly (ludovic)
0002689: [Web Address Book] View Error Multiple Address Books (francis)
0002664: [Web Preferences] The action Flag message as disappeared (francis)
0002678: [Web Preferences] crash saving preferences (francis)
0002691: [ActiveSync] Multiple mail delete (ludovic)
0002681: [ActiveSync] calender events don't support reminders yet (ludovic)
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