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0004304SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2019-03-21 18:12
Reporterlspitaels Assigned Toludovic  
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PlatformGoogle Nexus 5XOSAndoidOS Version8.0
Fixed in Version4.0.8 
Summary0004304: Duplicated Shared Calendars

Dear Sir, Madam,

We noticed we have some issues with Caldav and DavDroid with the shared calendars.
When we are registered to a shared calendar, it appears twice in the list of available calendars in the davdroid app. This issue has been already reported a year ago on their side but they don't plan to do anything to solved that (

By any chance, do you have any idea or workaround which could help us to not see twice the shared calendars?

Best regards,

Steps To Reproduce
  • Register to 1 shared calendar inside SOGo
  • Connect to DAVdroid on Android

You will see twice the registered shared calendar.

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2018-03-09 08:20

reporter   ~0012643

Observed the same problem with DAVdroid and SOGo v4 (nightly from 08.03.2018).

The post mentioned by lspitaels states that DAVdroid has advanced calendar detection mechanisms thus detecting two resources,
one in the /dav/username/Calendar path of the subscribing user and the other in the /dav/shareholder/Calendar path of the subscribed resource.
Further they state that this is no failure of DAVdroid

So is there any chance that SOGo can avoid this?


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