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0005877SOGoWeb Mailpublic2023-10-17 06:06
Reporterbahnkonzept Assigned Tosebastien  
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Product Version5.8.4 
Summary0005877: Unremovable Attachments When Forwarding and Replying to Emails

When I receive an email with attached images and wish to remove them before replying or forwarding, I encounter an issue because the images are not visible within the attachment section.

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2023-09-25 14:43


2023-09-25_16h35_17.png (46,176 bytes)   
2023-09-25_16h35_17.png (46,176 bytes)   
2023-09-25_16h37_24.png (70,574 bytes)   
2023-09-25_16h37_24.png (70,574 bytes)   


2023-09-25 14:54

administrator   ~0017291

Last edited: 2023-09-25 14:56

images are inline (check message) ? Which version (nightly) ?



2023-09-25 17:53

reporter   ~0017292


the version is 5.8.4 as written, no nightly build. The files are mainly the attached images from footer of an email (see 0005490 for our long lasting ticket) which annoying from HTML mails. Before one of the last emails they where attached in any reply and we could remove them manually not to sent them back or forward. Since last installed version they where attached as before but without any chance to delete them.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Recieve an HTML email with embedded logos or graphics
2) Have "always compose TEXT emails" as preference in your configuration
3) Push reply or reply to all
4) You will see an plain text email WITHOUT any attachements
5) Sent email
6) Reciever will get plain text email WITH attachements



2023-09-26 08:20

administrator   ~0017296

If the images are in the html, there are not in attachments. There are encoded base64 img src in the html code.
I cannot reproduce your case on Can you provide eml ?




2023-09-29 09:28

reporter   ~0017323

This case occurs not only with images, but as you can see in the picture, with other files exactly the same (.exe, .dll, .accdb, .zip, .js, .pub, .bmp). If you try to reply to the mail or forward it, the data is not visible and you cannot delete it. But they will be forwarded as well.

here is the eml:



2023-10-17 06:06

reporter   ~0017383

Hello S├ębastien,

some news to added to support you in finding the error and maybe to fix it: BEFORE you save the draft you CANNOT see the attachments. AFTER saving, CLOSING and REOPENING the draft you'll see the attachments and can the delete them. As this is a very hard workaround we would favour if this clould be fixed soon. Thank you very much!

The Bahnkonzept team from Dresden/Germany

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