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0005704SOGoWeb Mailpublic2023-03-02 15:49
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Summary0005704: Invitation location is not displayed in mails

When recieving an invitation from outside SoGo by email the user can not see the location of the event in the email.
Only when we adding the invitation in the calendar, you can also see the location. This is not handy, as you have to add to calendar to see where you have to go.

Whished behaviour: All events incoing by email shall display not the date and time but also the location.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. User A sends a invitation to user B from outside SoGo (in the invitation shall have a location)
  2. User B cannot see the location of the event he shall take part
  3. User B has to adopt the invitation to calendar (without accept or reject)
  4. User B has to switch to calendar to see the location of the event
  5. User B has to accept or deny the invitation
Additional Information

The only difference, we found in the included ICS-file was the following:

LOCATION:Bahnkonzept GmbH Deutschland\, Street XX\, 0XXXX City\,=

Not Working:
LOCATION;LANGUAGE=de-DE:Bahnkonzept GmbH Deutschland\, Street XX\, 0XXXX City\,=

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