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0005952SOGoWeb Mailpublic2024-04-30 09:38
Reportercedric.archambeau Assigned Tosebastien  
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Summary0005952: Push "Send" immediatelly after typing : all of your input gets lost

Related to 0005944 and commit

As said by RainerN :
We now see a new effect when answering or forwarding mails: if you type text and push "Send" immediatelly after typing then part or even all of your input gets lost (not sent via smtp nor stored in imap). Seems like the buffer of the editor is not transmittted yet.

Update on Nightly this morning (11/04/2024), the problem is here for us, with browser cache purged. Mainly with Firefox (115 to 124), no test with other clients.

We presume it's mainly in case client is slow (longer delay), but reproductible with i7 with 32GB RAM if fast clik on "send" button.

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2024-04-12 13:05

administrator   ~0017707

Last edited: 2024-04-12 13:06

Could you tell how exactly you reproduce it?

I am writing my text, quickly click with mouse on the send button. I fail to reproduce this behavior :/
And i'm on a 8Gb RAM vm...



2024-04-29 20:22

administrator   ~0017718

Fixed in

Can you try with NB 20240430 ?




2024-04-30 08:55

reporter   ~0017719

Ok for us, fixed in NB 20240430 , thanks a lot !

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