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0005490SOGoWeb Mailpublic2022-11-17 14:38
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Product Version5.5.0 
Summary0005490: Embedded logos in emails (company, Twitter and Facebook links, etc.) are shown as downloadable .png files

Normally, the attached files (word, PDF, excel) are shown at the bottom of an email. Nowadays people sometimes embed logos in their emails as well (not as attachments).

When an email is received, the company logos along with any Twitter/Facebook/etc links which include a picture which are embedded in the email are shown as downloadable .png files. In some emails, this can create multiple downloadable files (see screenshot) and this makes it difficult to find the actual attachment that was sent in the email.

It would be a great improvement for the user experience if you could make it so that the embedded logos/pictures are not shown next to the real attachments (word, excel, PDF). Our wish is that the embedded pictures should not be shown as attachments (should not even be visible). From our view, configurability is not needed by the user in this case.

For example: in the screenshot, only the two PDFs should be shown (without all other .png files)

As always, thank you very much for taking a look at this issue!

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2022-03-10 15:38




2022-09-09 16:05

reporter   ~0016214

Dear Sogo-Team,
may we remind to this ticket, maybe to be solved in 5.8.0?
Unfortunately there are more and more mails with these silly graphic files so that it becomes more and more harder to find the real attached (important) files.

Thanks a lot!



2022-11-10 07:57

reporter   ~0016367

Dear Sogo-Team,

any news about this ticket, maybe to be solved in 5.8.0?

Today I got an email from an advocacy with a lot of these silly embedded graphics and the sentence "please see the attached ...". After clicking through all the images I learned that they forgot to attach the file ...

Thanks a lot!



2022-11-17 14:38

administrator   ~0016395

Dear @bahnkonzept,

Thank you for reporting this improvement and apologies for the late reply.
Unfortunately we won't have enough time to improve this for the next release. Your request will be added to the feature list ;)


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